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My name is Melanie. I am Andorinha Films and Andorinha Films is me – sometimes with a second shooter, sometimes with an assistant, but when you book Andorinha you always get Melanie.

photo by Ana Luisa Pinto


I started writing stories when I was still in elementary school. For the longest time, I thought I would become a writer. While spending a year at a high school in the United States, I was introduced to theatre, and back in my home town of Berlin, to photography. With the Berlin Film Festival in front of my doorsteps every year to guide and inspire me, I came up with a plan to combine all the things I loved - writing, theatre, music, and photography: Cinema! I studied film and television at the Medienakademie (dma) in my hometown of Berlin, and at the University of the West of Scotland (UWS) in the UK. With a Bachelor of Arts and some international experiences and artistic endeavors in my pocket, I made my way to Portugal in 2015.

Situated in Porto, but available everywhere in Europe, Andorinha Films is my brand, which combines creative and commercial work for all sorts of clients – may it be families, couples, friends or companies.

Why "Andorinha Films"?
an‧do‧ri‧nha /ɐ̃.du.ˈɾi.ɲɐ/

portuguese: Swallow /ˈswɒləʊ/


a small bird whose tail has two points like a fork

  • Swallows are migratory, love the coasts and mate for life. They remind me of freedom and my beloved city of Porto.

  • In Portugal, they are a common motif for porcelain decorations and a popular souvenir


Andorinha Films is an LGBTQIA-friendly, all-inclusive company. I love documenting families and couples in all shapes, sizes and colours, so don't be shy!

I'm Alice! My human talks a lot about me. If you don't like cats, that's cool. I don't go filming with my human, but my work as a leg warmer and anti-stress furball is an essential part of the editing process!

WhatsApp Image 2021-01-28 at

I'm Alba! I'm the newest member of the family and as you can tell from my *innocent* face, I am never up to any good.

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