what to expect

On the day itself, I like to stay in the background – when grooms or guests tell me at the end of the day that they barely saw me, I take that as the biggest compliment!


I’m there, close and always within reach, but never in your face, to capture what is happening and to let things occur naturally.


The small exception to this rule is the 15-30 minute session, where most people prefer some guidance to get those more romantic shots of just the two of you! ;)


We usually start our coverage two hours before the ceremony. That way we can capture those delicious hours of nervous excitement before the big moment - the calm before the storm! 


Starting with the details and the preparation gives me a feeling for the mood and tones of the day, and gives you a chance to get used to the camera.


The ceremony is all about you! Whether religious or civil, we try our best to be respectful, quiet and invisible.


A dedicated audio recorder will capture every sound, from the choir music and the speech of the celebrant to every word you say to each other - we know it's easy to forget!


After giving you some time to greet your guests and get some food into your hungry bellies, we like to "kidnap" you for a short session.


Here you can finally breathe deeply and talk to your loved one away from all the hustle - and we get those unforgettable shots that your parents will frame and put on their mantelpiece!


The rest depends a lot on you and the logistics of the day. There are classic shots of course – the rings, the first kiss, the ceremony exit, the cake, the first dance – and we do our best to nail those. Aside from those big show-stopping moments, I try to capture your individuality and what makes your reception unique.

Stolen moments in the grapevines, the hug of a family member that you haven’t seen in years, the awe in the eyes of a child as they marvel at the dress – capturing those memories is why we do our job, and we hope it’s also what you will like the most when watching your finished film!



the groundwork

When should we contact you?

What are your prices?

We take reservations up to 18 months in advance and some days get snatched up like warm bread. Especially if you are planning your wedding for a Saturday in summer or fall, contact us right away to make sure we are available on your dream date! If you’re feeling lucky or spontaneous, we also book up to 6 weeks before a wedding (or 2 weeks before an elopement) - and it’s never too late to ask!

We offer several packages for full day wedding coverage, including different services depending on your needs, that start at 1400€. Elopement packages start at 850€. Please contact us to consult our detailed catalog. If you don’t immediately find what you’re looking for, we can also try to adapt our services to fit your specific video requirements!

the big day

Do you have a time limit?

What does your team look like?

All of our full day wedding packages include 10 hours of coverage, plus a one-hour meal break - so we will be with you for 11 continuous hours! If necessary, you can add up to two additional hours for an extra fee. We only book one job per day (and usually only one per weekend).

All of our packages include Melanie and an assistant, and some offer an additional second shooter for better coverage on your wedding day - the size and scope of your wedding party dictates the size of our team, but we always try to stay as inconspicuous as possible.

the aftermath

Can we choose the music for our film?

How will we receive our video(s)?

Because of copyright laws, all of the songs used in our videos need to be commercially licensed, so we might not able to include your favorite radio hit. Technicalities aside, we do our best to find a licensed song that fits your taste, and you are invited to pick your favorites from an extensive music library or send us examples of what you like!

The finished product will be available in high-quality FullHD on Vimeo (with or without password protection, with a download function if desired) and you will also receive a custom USB in a personalized little surprise package. Since our seasons can get quite busy and each of our videos is edited with the utmost concentration, dedication, and attention to detail, delivery may take 6 months or longer.

Wedding Videography

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